Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New Model Three Wheel Bike - Don't Ride Fast But Fly Slow !

A new motorcycle named Can-Am Spyder roadster, a three-wheel vehicle combines the open-air benefits of a motorcycle with the features of a traditional roadster. This motorcycle has been designed as the shape of Y with three wheels. The vehicle stability system that includes ABS, traction control and stability control, comes as standard on each vehicle.
This has been built around a Surrounding Spar technology frame that features a minimalist steel center beam. This can minimize the weld points for greater structural integrity.

This features a true mechanical reverse. Ultra smooth gearing and easy maintenance are given by the final belt drive.

The engine capacity is 990cc, which features a V-twin liquid engine. It delivers a strong push and responsive acceleration through out the power band.

Nervous System:
This has been designed with multiple on board electronic control units (ECU).

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