Monday, September 8, 2008

A Noiseless Headphone From Sony - Hear Clear In Plane !

A noiseless headphone has been unveiled by Sony. While traveling on tubes and planes is a real irritation for hearing the music. Especially to avoid this music noise Sony has unveiled this Earphone. The name of the earphone is Sony MDR-NC500D. This provides more features than common analog devices. The earphones are solid, well-made pair of headphones with glossy black finish, chrome edging, and leather cups. These are to be charged first for up to 3 hours and surely give a backup of 16 hours.

A bundled battery pack which takes 2 x AA batteries and can power the headphones for another 10-12 hours after the rechargeable batteries in the headphones run out of juice. After pressing the power on button we can choose any automatic noise canceling or manual optional modes.
A: Airplane
B: Bus, train, tube
C: Office environment

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