Monday, September 22, 2008

Apple Introduces 32GB iPhone With Home Activation ?

The latest Apple’s rumor list is extended with a new rumor that Apple is planning to introduce a new version of iPhone with 32GB storage capacity and a contract free home activation option. Although Apple has introduced its 4GB and 8GB model iPhones in the market with new facilities yet 8GB iPhone is failed to attract the users. Now Apple has planned to bring back the home activation option to compensate the loss of iPhone 3G because of In-store activation which takes a lot of time configure.

The main reason to bring back the home activation option is which allows the users to activate their contract through iTunes without authenticating in the Apple Store. This option is faster than the In-Store activation method but unfortunately Apple has stopped offering this facility. The other reason is that most users like to purchase the unlocked and a contract-free iPhone to use them in the countries where the iPhones are not yet reached the market.

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