Monday, September 15, 2008

Construction Begins For 2012 Olympic Stadium In London !

As soon as the Beijing Olympic comes to an end the VeloPark team from London are excited to unveil the design of the Olympic for the year of 2012 as complete four years left. The designers say that the venue and the facilities will bring an excitement more than the limit to become an inspiration for the futuristic generations. This has been designed with the capacity of seats for both the beginners and athletes. In additional they say over the last year their work has involved with reviewing the design with Chris Hoy and Team GB to provide the facilities for players after the games.

This design has been designed to express the drama and elegance of the venue and it will become one of the defining images in the Olympic, they added. Let’s hope that after 2012 it will continue to attract the international competition to make them happen in the VeloPark of cycling in London.

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