Monday, September 29, 2008

File Hoster Offers 1 TeraByte Storage Capacity !

Offering high storage capacity is the most important thing to sustain in the internet. It will surely drive some more traffic to the file hoster’s website. Oosah has announced that it will offer high storage capacity up to 1TB that is up to 1024GB for everyone signing up for their file hosting service. Moreover it will offer the uploading limit up to 250 MB for video files and 50 MB for MP3. In the other side we can have the services of Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook and Picasa Integration.

Moreover it offers the services for iPhone client, playlists, galleries, slideshows, public and private sharing and it is easy to use web interface. According to the home page of Oosah, they are not expecting the popularity. For user convenient the Uploads have been temporarily disabled.

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