Saturday, September 13, 2008

Firefox Announces New Private Browsing Mode !

To keep maintaining our mail safe and secured are the most terrific troubles because users always want to give the importance to keep their mails safe and secured. Although we have so many browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 with a tight browsing mode called Incognito and InPrivate yet they are not secured sometimes. As FireFox wanted to say that always it is safe, a latest version from FireFox it is 3.1 is going to be unveiled. This will provide a private browsing mode to prevent the users from being tracked and to keep them safe while doing private things.

Mozilla Wiki have listed that the below are the some important private browsing mode in Firefox.
•As soon as the session ends all cookies will be deleted.
•The viewed sites will not be going to store in history.
•Memory cache will be used and it will be switched to disk cache as soon as the session ends.
•The passwords will not be autofilled but will prompt for autocomplete.
•Autocomplete will be available but it won’t remember the entered data.
With these security options more users can protect their privacy with a tight security.

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