Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Free Download - Google Chrome Browser !

Yesterday we have discussed about an open source browser from Google. Now the time has come to download it free. As we have discussed that, this is an experimental level browser from Google based on the Webkit engine we don’t have any further discussion about the browser but we have gathered some advantages of this Google Browser. This browser lets the user to browse faster than any other earlier version browsers.
Some important features:
•We can have the suggestion for both searches and web pages from address bar (Omnibox).

•Accessing our favorite pages and applications by this browser is very faster than other browsers.
•From the browser page, itself we can create the desktop shortcut for our favorite applications.
•Security is tightly derived for this browser and browsing privacy is very easy using Incognito tabs.
Google and Safari are using the same rendering engine web users don’t have to worry about the compatibility with Google. To know more about this Google Browser Click here.

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Google Chrome Free

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