Saturday, September 13, 2008

Google Adds A Korean Blogging Software Company In Its Hot List !

The worlds biggest search engine Google has added a Korean blogging software company in its hot list. Google Inc has bought the Tatter and Company for a huge amount but the sold company is not disclosing that how much Google has paid for their acquisition.
Chang-Won Kim the co-chief executive of Tatter stated that the acquisition would help Google to increase its market share in the country. In additional he described that Google’s market share in Korea as “minor” because mainly Korean web users are using Yahoo Inc portals. The main reason for the Google to purchase this company is Korea is the ninth biggest country in the world to use internet.

Although Google owns blogging software called blogger yet it has bought this new blogging software from Korean Textcube.
Textcube the famous blogging platform owned by Tatter is the most popular among Korean bloggers. As now it has become a part of Google it might be introduced to the countries other than Korea soon.

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