Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How To Become A Cartoonist with Animasher ?

Animasher brings up the thoughts and desires of everyone. To become a cartoonist or animation artist no need to study any course for full time or part time with spending a lot of money. This website lets the users to expel their own thoughts. We can work with this as we like.

Watch it! by Robert
Make your own | Clone and edit

A big advantage of this site is, we don’t need to keep any account or we don’t have to download any peculiar instructions or software. Just clicking a Get Started button is enough for us to begin the animation work.
To work with this website we have to choose the picture from editor window by just dragging and dropping method. Moving the selected picture inside the window will become the animation. Many funny objects, backgrounds and pictures are available in the site to boost our animation.

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