Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To Know The Reason For Slow Booting ?

Although we have the fastest computer sometimes it irritates us while booting but we can’t identify the reason. We will do whatever we know but nothing happens. In our system there are some startup programs that may take each at least 10 seconds. So however it will take few minutes to boot. This is a cause of file corruption and it will conflict with other software. To fix this trouble we can have software named Boot Log XP which will trace the time and give the duration that has been taken for system booting. Boot Log XP lets the user to trouble shoot the Windows boot up problems in Win XP. In additional it creates a boot log file and allows the user to view it.

Moreover this software will give the complete information about Windows Booting in a graphics way. If you want to know the information, launch the Boot Log XP from Windows start menu which will give only four buttons they are Test at Next Boot, Analyse Boot Log, Help and Exit. You just click the Test at Next Boot button and click “Yes”. After clicking the “Yes” you will be prompted to restart your system and restart it, and then the system will record the start and load time of each started application as shown in the figure. This software is supposed to work only with Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server and also supports the latest XP Service Pack 3.

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