Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How To Resize The Pictures With Batch Tools ?

Resizing of images can take a lot of time if we are doing with loads of images. To avoid this problem we can have a batch resizing process which has a facility to resize the batch automatically.
If you are using PhotoShop CS3,

Open Photoshop then go to file and to Image Processor in Scripts a new windows will pop up now.
•Choose the folder containing images for resize process.
•Choose the folder for output images (resized pics).
•Enter resize dimension (in px) & Click on ‘Run’ button.
If you don’t have Photoshop means no need to worry because there are some more options to resize the images.

Image Resizer :
This is a part of Microsoft PowerToys. Choose the pictures which you want to resize and just a single click is enough.
Picture Tray :
With this utility we can resize the picture in a batch mode. This free utility supports drag and drop method.
Fotosizer :
We can resize the pictures with this batch image resizer tool in three simple steps; Photo selection, Select resize and start the resize process.
Google Picasa :
This is a desktop based application we can resize the picture with this help easily.
Visualizer Photo Resize :
This can be used as batch resizer, converter and optimizer. Even more graphic documents can be handled with this tool. We can have this complete tool completely free. [ ">Thank You ]