Saturday, September 6, 2008

How To Update The Software In Mobile ?

In order to update the software for our mobile we are facing so many problems with our mobiles. To trouble shoot our mobile we have to rectify the problem manually if we fail to do it properly mobile will let us in trouble. Updating the software for Nokia mobile has become very easy. To update the software follow the following steps care fully.

•Before you update, please confirm that
(1) You have backed up all data and content (contacts, photos and messages) in your handset memory
(2) Your handset battery is fully charged
(3) Your handset has a SIM card inserted, and the profile is set to "Normal"
•During the update process
(1) Do not disconnect your handset from your PC, or switch off your handset
(2) you will not be able to use your handset even in emergency situations. (During the update, your handset will be restarted)

Step 1:
Run Nokia Software Updater. Click "Start".

Step 2:
Connect your handset to your PC using the USB cable, then click "Next"

Step 3:
The Software Updater will automatically look for connected handsets.

Step 4:
The Software Updater will search for necessary updates

Step 5:
If new handset software is available, the above screen will be displayed.

Step 6:
Please confirm that you have backup all data in your handset memory. All data and content in the handset memory will be removed during the update process.

Step 7:
Do not disconnect the cable or switch off your handset during the update process.

Step 8:
The update process will take a while. Please be patient.

Step 9:
Update complete.

[ Thank You ]

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