Saturday, September 13, 2008

How To Use Multiple Search Engines Simultaneously ?

If you have become bored of searching in a single search engine, this may be very useful to you. Today search engines hold an important place in the web because it gives a lot of information which we required. To get any details we normally use the biggest Google or Yahoo. If you will have a chance to access multiple engines in a same time how do you feel? The time has come to you to access the multiple search engines. You can use OR or AND options while searching in the engines. You can have different results from different type of search engines.

If you use this search engine with a keyword you will get a result from 10 leading websites in a non-intrusive manner. In this type result will be opened in a new window with a cut bar in the top of the window. With the help of cut bar we can see the results from other search engines quilckly.

Search Both:
This site lets the users to access two different types of search engines at a same time. You can search Google and Yahoo at the same time or Monster and Hot jobs simultaneously.


This allows the users to access Yahoo and Google or any other two panes. Normally this gives the result like SearchBoth. The former name of this site is GoogleYahoo.
This allows the users to access multiple search engines at a same time. All search engines will be opened in individual tabs. To see the result we just have to click on the get result tab.

We can search over ten search engines with the help of Zuula in the same window. This site has been set to show the Google result by default. To choose different search engines we have to choose from the top bars.


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