Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Instant Messenger From AOL For Mac Users - AIM Beta !

Although we have so many instant messengers yet most of them work with only windows platform. So AOL has released its first beta version AIM, the popular instant messenger tool for especially Mac. This has been released after the recent release of a version for iPhones.

•Customizing the AIM for Mac with AIM expressions has become very easy for the users. So that users can change their AIM sounds, Wallpapers, Emoticon set and Buddy Icon as they wish.
•The main features: easy AIM file transfer, Tabbed IM conversations, friendly names, AIM groups and AIM blast groups are supported.

•Users can see their mail in just single click even in AOL or AIM webmail.
•Installation, download and launching AIM in Mac can be done in few seconds.

Click here to DOWNLOAD AIM Beta Free

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