Saturday, September 13, 2008

LED Coffee Table - Even You Can Play Game In It !

This is a new type game with a twist and an interesting implementation. At the beginning the designers have just planned to create a simple coffee table with integrated LEDs. Later they have seen the designs with interactive LEDs that responded to objects on the table. After completing the table’s interaction was not enough. Then the designers have decided to control the game using 4 Atari 2600 controllers.

Used Components:
•65 total microcontrollers
•8 Custom power boards
•130,944 bits updated per second
•7-9 Amps power draw
•4092 RGB 256 color LED's on 64 Matrices
•1 LPC2106 Master Controller
•1 Custom router board

In this table each LED matrix consists of two parts. The actual LED module has been composed of 64RGB LEDs in a plastic mounting and an RGB matrix controlled board from Sparkfun.
To play each step of this game has a code and available for downloading.  Manufacturers have added collaborative game modes with multiple balls are introduced. To play a continuous game four player must work together. [ Thank You ]