Thursday, September 18, 2008

Live Hotmail Comes 70 Percent Faster With High Security !

Windows live Hotmail is coming soon with some more additional features. It will come with the ability to access the Hotmail 70 percent faster than ever. Within fraction of seconds we can sign in and sign out. Moreover we will get a powerful technology to deflect the spam and it helps us to be safe from viruses and scams.
Hotmail has planned to provide it with a Simple and clean design. It will come with a combination of classic and full version of Hotmail so that we can get access to everything that has been offered by Hotmail. In additional the reading pane will let the users to check out the mails without opening it.

As it will be offering more colors and themes we can modify our inbox and whatever we can as our choice.
In contacts it will make us easy to send the mails to a group or by auto completing the mail addresses which we have to type in “To address”. According to calendar it has planned to provide more safe and detailed version as well as the IM.

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