Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make Your Gmail Account To Remind About The Attachments !

Gmail keeps on introducing new features for its users. In such a way it has introduced a new facility. The name of the facility is ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’. You may question me that how it is used? If you have just clicked on the send button without attaching any files what will you do? Yeah, now you can use the facility.

If you enable this facility it will remind you via pop-up message to attach the particular files but you can’t use this facility in all mails which you are sending. If you have written like “Go through the attachments or I have attached a file” in your mail, surely you will be informed through pop-up message.

Login your Gmail account and click on “Settings” at the top right corner. Then go to “Labs” tab and scroll down. After scrolling a little enable the ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’ radio button. After enabling this option click on “Save Changes’ button.
Remember again you must describe about the attachments in your mail otherwise you will not be prompted.

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