Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Micro Projector From 3M - MPro 110 !

3M a German company has been introducing their projects since the beginning of January. Now it has recently stated that their prototype will become the reality soon. To make this true they have introduced a Micro Projector named MPro110. This projector uses an LCos display technology to display the video with 640 x 480 resolutions. To avoid fan noise an LED lamp has been set in the projector. These LEDs are used to display the images bright in a lit room. The major advantage of the device is its weight that is only 0.3 lbs. Travelers can use this projector comfortably.

We can use this projector to view an image diagonally up to 50 inches. The projector has a composite connection and VGA connection with few onnections. We can use this projector in variety of situation like presentation, watching movies and playing games. Moreover we can connect our iPod to the projector and watch video on whatever like. This MPro 110 is expected to sell for $359 in retail and will be available from 30th September. [ Thank You ]