Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stay Connected With Social Networking From Kitchen Itself - Thank "Sook"

Day by day technology is growing much faster than the economy. From our kitchen itself we can stay connected to our Facebook or Myspace friends. An American designer has designed this kitchen and he named it as “Sook”, a cordless kitchen assistant. This Sook lets the user to connect their social networking websites. A series of sensor is being used to sense the food which is kept nearby or on its cutting board. Moreover it has an electronic tongue to taste and examine the food that how the ingredients are mixed and how to be mixed.

This waterproof device provides the facility to measure the weight and moisture. We can wash this device just like other vessels. With this we can easily know the secret mixed ingredients in the food which is bought from restaurant. We should thank Mr. Adam Brodowski for introducing the precious device for finding the taste.

[ Thank You ]