Monday, September 22, 2008

Svepa Bike - Made Up Of Plywood And Aluminum !

We keep on discussing about different type of bikes. Today also we are going to have a new type bike which is made up of plywood and aluminum. This combination gives us a stylish look. The name of the bike is Svepa Bike which can be used as a normal bike or can be used by two persons simultaneously. One person can easily sit on the rear seat while other can stand on the rear footboard. To make the balance the wheels have been designed in different sizes.

The metal frame work in this bike gives a smart and most practical design we ever have seen. According to the designer Par Blanking, this bicycle has been designed to take eco-commuting to the next level in the bike industry. As this is a non-oil conceptual bike this will make a change in the bike industry.

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