Monday, September 8, 2008

The Way Of Google !

It is exactly ten years since the world’s biggest search engine Google was introduced. In 1998 September 7 this search engine was introduces to help the users. It was begun with the financial support of the German Bechtolsheim. Google Inc has introduced a long awaited Google Doc in the month September and planned to introduce the PDFs as well so that we can edit the documents.Google is offering many services like Google Street View, Google Earth, Google Map, Google Jotspot, Google Knol, Youtube etc. To compete in the net zone Google has introduced its web browser and named it as Google chrome. This new introduced browser has brought a good result.

The first investment of Google $100,000 is received from Sun co – founder Andy Bechtolsheim. In Silicon Valley Google set up its work space.

The garage office of the Google is begun with just eight employees. As the company got $25m of venture capital Google has moved its office to Mountain View.

In the year 2000 Google has introduced its 10 languages version of, the languages are Dutch, Danish, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. It has an endorsement with yahoo as its default search provider. In the same year it has become the world’s largest search engine with the first billion URL index.

Google bought its first public acquisition Usenet Discussion Service. Mr. Eric Schmidt has become the chairman and chief executive.

It has done a deal with AOL for a major partnership. With 4,000 sources Google News was launched.

The name Google has become the most useful word in the year 2002; this is rewarded by American Dialect Society members.

In the year 2004 a mail service is introduced and named it as Gmail. Google shares gone up to $85 as a public share. To scan digitally millions of books from their collection a partnership with leading libraries and universities is announced.

To move high in its career Google has announced its Google Maps and Google Earth. A satellite imagery-based mapping service and Google Talk also were introduced.

Google goes live in china and bought the video sharing site YouTube.
Street View a service from Google Maps introduced in five major cities of US and acquired Double Click, an online advertising company.

A partnership with Yahoo is announced and planned to Real time stock quotes have become live on Google finance for the first time.
A Belgian newspaper is supposed to pay €49m (£39.4m) for publishing and storing their content without paying and getting permission. [ ">Thank You ]