Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Transformable Multipurpose Table - Gargantua !

As the technology is letting us to see different type of equipments one side the other side different type of furniture are admiring us very much. Here it is useful and creative furniture for our garden. The name of the furniture is Gargantua. This is a multifunctional table which can be transformed in many shapes. Simultaneously 8 people can accommodate at a time with this table. It has four benches that can be set and replaced with the help of a wheelchair or a highchair. We can install this table according to our height and position.

If we want this table to accommodate 12 people we can do it easily with some extra chairs. We can use this table in family occasions, a tea party and kid’s party. Stainless steel, Teak and Gal vanished metal are used to create this table. As this is a transformable we can use this as our choice comfortably. The name of the designer is Extremis.

[ Thank You ]