Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Bluetooth Headsets From Motorola - Provide Flip Boom Mic !

Today Motorola has announced its two new model Bluetooth headsets. The names of the headsets are Motorola Pure H15 and Motorola H780. Pure H15 is the light weight, compact model along with the flip boom mic which we have not yet seen in most of the headsets. We can use the flip as a power switch and to conserve the battery life. We can have the both sets with crystalTalk technology to enhance the voice clarity but H15 leads us a step further with background noise cancellation. Both of the sets are offering multipoint technology to connect two devices simultaneously with a comfortable feel.

Motorola Pure H15 :

In additional both sets offer an EasyPair technology for pairing the Bluetooth experience. H15 has a rated talk time of 4.5 hours and a stand by time of 7 days while H780 offers 7 hours talk time and 8 days of stand by time. We can buy H15 for $129 and H780 for $99.

Motorola H780 :

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