Thursday, September 25, 2008

Upcoming Features Of Windows 7 - Windows Leakes Screenshots !

Already we have discussed about the next operating system from Microsoft. Now we are going to have some screenshots of Windows 7. Microsoft has confirmed about the news of Windows 7 and leaked its images with some of its upcoming features.

Calculator :
Windows 7 provides the calculator with a new shape window.

Display Settings :
This is a new type Display Settings as we can see. This has been designed with some more options.

Sidebar :
This has the same facilities as currently available in Windows Vista.

Aero Theme :
This has the most unique features. It lets the users to their choice to select the particular theme for a particular application.

Games Option :
With this option we can update the all games manually or automatically. Even more we can change the settings to download as we like.

MS Paint :
It has the facilities like Ribbon UI as available in MS Office 2007.

Word Pad :
Word Pad also having the same Ribbon UI like MS Paint in Windows 7.

Windows Media Player :
Media Player has come with some more options like a better minimized mode.

Windows Solution Center :
This keeps informing about all the tasks that require an immediate attention like security and updates etc.

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