Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yahoo Unveils Its Updated Messenger 9.0 !

As soon as Windows has announced its new Windows Live Messenger Yahoo has announced its new updated version Yahoo Messenger 9.0. This has been available from yesterday. Yahoo has introduced some pleasant improvements with this and they will make its users loyalist. This has come out with some excellent skins and excellent ability to see scaled public images.

Interface :

In this version we can have complete larger thumbnails and a room to read the contact’s status images. With this version users can change the familiar compact view. A visual picker makes previewing and switching skins nearly automatic.

Importing a bulk contacts has become very easy with this Yahoo Messenger 9.0. This service has been handled by third party operator TrueSwitch, scours our other IM,e-mail and social networking accounts including Outlook and Facebook.

Chat window :
Yahoo’s chat window has come out with a little more look than its earlier version 8.1. This can embed the scaled maps, video players, public images and images. Watching the YouTube without leaving the IM has become a pleasant surprise which is offered by no instant messaging clients.

Spam control :

It gives a bigger and bolder warning message on conversation window. Moreover it features a better spam control than its earlier version.
Yahoo Messenger Pingbox :

PingBox is the new feature in Yahoo IM 9.0 while others are updated. This can be used for making a chat between website owners and Yahoo visitors in real time.
When we compare this with Windows Live Messenger Yahoo features won’t make us satisfy.

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