Monday, September 29, 2008

YouTube Lets You To Upload Up To 1GB !

YouTube has unveiled its new option to upload the videos up to 1GB from 100MB. This option is being used by some users but now this can be used by everyone those who are having the YouTube account. To upload the videos you just have to login your account. The features of this video upload are
•We can easily enter our video’s metadata while processing the upload function.
•Uploading multiple files at once has become now easy without downloading a plugin.
•As we discussed size of the uploading file has gone up to 1GB from 100MB.
•Uploading through any web browser is possible.

To access the New YouTube Video Uploader
•Login your YouTube account. Click Here to Opt In.
•Then confirm your email address and click on the received confirmation link in your inbox even in Spam Folder.

[ Thank You ]