Friday, October 17, 2008

Adobe Flash Player 10 Takes On Microsoft Silver Light !

Adobe has come out with its new and latest version of Flash Player 10. It has a built in compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite CS4 and many additional tools, which are not available in the earlier versions. The important thing that is to be noted is Adobe Flash 10 Player is released a day after of its rival Microsoft Silver light.

Features of Adobe Flash Player 10 :
3D Effects – Gives us an easy way to transform, animate, and display object through 3D space in retaining of interactivity.

Custom Filters and Effects – Gives us the ability to create and share our own portable filters, fills and blend modes.
Advanced Text Layout – This is a new high flexible text layout engine with text field and it enables the innovation to create a different text controls.
Enhanced Drawing API – Runtime drawing has become very powerful with re-style able properties and 3D APIs.
Visual Performance Improvements – Application and videos can be run smoother and faster with an expanded use of hardware acceleration.
Enhanced Sound APIs – It has an ability to work with loaded MP3 audio at a lower level in Flash Player 10.
The DOWNLOAD of this player is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac with an improved support of Ubuntu.

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