Friday, October 31, 2008

Bentley Laptop Fits Smart With Your Expensive Car !

Bentley, a new type laptop is different as same as the name. This branded laptop is little costlier when you compare with other laptops. But it has some unique qualities which are not available in other models because it much fits with your expensive car which only lets you buy this. Moreover it brings some stylish and luxurious look as it has been made from quality leather and has a part chrome exterior.

Bentley laptop features an AMD 64 chipset, 2¬GB of RAM with a smart larger hard drive capacity of 160GB and a Wi-fi built in. The screen size of the laptop is 12.1 inches. Ok..Ok .. Let me come to the point I can hear you. The price of the laptop is $19,800 if you feel this can be affordable then what are you waiting for?

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