Saturday, October 11, 2008

Enhanced Security Option For Vista From Nortan UAC Tool !

In Microsoft Widows Vista there is a security infrastructure called User Account Control (UAC) which gives the administrators to limit the user’s privilege on application software even for users who have the administrator privilege assigned. Before installing this application lower privileges need to get the user’s authorization to higher privilege. Even more this can feature a security over “Malware” from spreading or infecting the system. UAC is a useful security feature to enhance the overall security system but it has some irritations that each and every time this will prompt you to assign rights or to approve the users to for some authentication. Although you use this security software yet you will be irritated with repeated notices and sometimes you will be given some false notices. If you want to disable this UAC security feature in order to get rid of this troublesome feature you should have to be very alert of Malware.

To come out of this trouble, a new UAC Tool has been announced from Symantec for replacing the Vista’s UAC. This Norton has no more advantages than Microsoft’s tool but it will prompt the users to enable “Do Not Ask Me Again” option. With this option you don’t have to fully disable the UAC security. Moreover you can have the clearer view of the ratings for the prompting application.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Nortan UAC 1.0.11 Beta

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