Friday, October 24, 2008

Free Download Of WattOS Beta !

After a long time of alpha version now beta version has been released of WattOS a couple of days ago which is the lightest Linux distribution ever.
This is the recreation of Ubuntu Linux platform in a lightweight platform fashions. You can run this quickly even in low system requirements. It has come out with great improvements than Linux Distros. Mainly it has been developed to work with low system requirements and comes with three different types for the desktop.

1.wattOS - The core desktop system using a fully featured Gnome desktop.
2.mWattOS - Milliwatt a smaller desktop system using XFCE as the core interface. (known as mWOS).
3.µWattOS - Microwatt an even smaller desktop utilizing a minimal desktop GUI or command line. Ideal for appliances, small systems, kiosks, or old computers.

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Free

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