Friday, October 31, 2008

Future Agriculture With "Algaster" - Goes Beyond The Conditions !

Future agriculture is planned to work with an amazing harvesting system called Alga. In order to bring some advance technologies in agriculture this type of machineries are being invented. The name of the machine is Algaster which has the capacity to harvest 100Kg of alga and it stores the load in ten containers attached on the uppers side. Although the unit has been designed with lesser power yet it has some intelligent ideas.

The body shape of this machine looks like an insect with four legs. The main advantage of this machine is whenever we use this it will produce some energy due to the high level of oil content. Moreover we can use this in the process to clean the water in polluted area where the Alga goes beyond its normal conditions. The hot air balloon of this machine will bring this machine to the surface once it stops the storage process. Such a wonderful machine is designed by Stefano Pertegato, Philipp Frank, Marco Nicoletti, Francesco Schiraldi and Eloisa Tolu.

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