Friday, October 10, 2008

Gmail Brings Enhanced Settings For IMAP !

Google has announced its one more new feature in the Gmail which is IMAP. This facility is currently available in only English (U.S) Gmail. This improvement has been developed by a team which is involved in the success of Mail Goggles. This IMAP feature lets the user to a fine tune of their Gmail IMAP.
Once you completed this enable function just go to the labels Tab under settings. You will have a new “Show in IMAP” check box next to each of your labels. After you uncheck the box the corresponding folder will be disappeared from IMAP. If you want to make this Gmail’s IMAP work more like a traditional IMAP providers: you can turn off the auto-expunge or trash messages when they are no longer visible through IMAP. The IMAP protocol allows the messages to be marked for deletion purpose.

In the IMAP implementation, if you mark some messages as deleted, Gmail will delete it from the folder right away. Incase of the necessity of two stage deletion process, just select the “'Do not automatically expunge messages' under the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab in Settings after enabling this Lab.
You can choose the process what to be done with using Thunderbird and Outlook deleted messages.
Automatically delete
Immediately delete messages when I click the IMAP as deleted mark
Messages are not automatically delete
If a message from the last visible IMAP folder is deleted:
News archive
Message in the trash Gmail move
Message immediately permanently delete

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