Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gmail Goggles - Lets You To Send Mails Without Any Need To Login !

Gmail Goggles lets you to send the mail at the time when you want to send it without any need to login your account. Therefore you can enjoy the weekend in parties and in parks with your girlfriend or boyfriends.
While sending the mails this feature will prompt you to solve a simple mathematics puzzle. As soon as you solve the puzzle the mail will be sent.
Use the following steps to use this Gmail Goggles:

Go to Settings then Go to Labs then to Mail Goggles. Click the radio button to enable and click the “Save Changes” button.

After saving the changes configure your account to send the mails as you wish. To configure the account go to Settings and check for the Mail Goggles under the “General” tab. Here you can select the specific changes for the days and time. This will send the mails to your contacts or who sends you mails. ["> Thank You ]