Thursday, October 2, 2008

How To Find The Stolen Laptops ?

An interesting incident happened in White Plains Mr.  Jose Caceres missed his Laptop on September 4th. Then he used a remote access program to find out what was happening with his computer later he knew that it was stolen.

As soon as the laptop was stolen he reported about theft of his laptop to the police. Later he started to use the remote access program to see what he was doing with his laptop. He meant to say remote accessing program is such an advantage which lets us to do something like this.

For one week Caceres couldn’t get any information about his laptop later he has noticed that someone was entering his name and address apparently to register in an Internet Website. He gave the information to the police and after few hours they called him and said that the guy was arrested and they gave back his laptop to him.

The stolen laptop was found at Gabriel Mejia, 34, of 18-20 Osborne St., White Plains, was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, after police went to the guy’s apartment, talked to him and found the stolen laptop, Lt. Eric Fischer said yesterday.

Here is another incident that was happened in May. A White Plains woman whose laptop was stolen from her apartment as well as the above incident she used remote access program to Sign In then wisely she has activated his laptop’s camera and snapped the picture of the man who was using it. Police have used those pictures to arrest the guy. The names of the guys are Edmon Shahikian, 23, of Katonah and Ian Frias, 20, of the Bronx on charges of second-degree burglary and fourth-degree possession of stolen property, both felonies. Authorities said both men had attended a party at the victim's apartment a few weeks before it was burglarized. [ Thank You ]