Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Recover The Deleted Images From Digital Camera ?

If you lose all the memorable pictures from your digital camera, nothing to worry because here we have a developed tool called Digital Photo Recovery, which is an excellent tool to recover all of our lost pictures.
This tool does not need any setups but does lot of things. Moreover, you can use this tool to recover the lost images from corrupted or accidentally formatted digital camera’s memory card. This can be used in all types of memory cards, which cannot be read by windows.

Sorting Memory Card as a Windows Drive :
In case of unavailability of your camera in your windows as a drive, you must use this tool with the help of memory card reader.

Sorting with extensions :
If you know the extensions of the lost images like .jpg, or .png just enter those extensions only. Because it may search all the extensions and take a long time to recover the lost images by their format.

Sorting Target folder :
Select a destination folder or drive in which you want to save the recovered images. This progress will bring you the details of lost images, which are to be recovered.

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