Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Energy Mate" Controls Gas, Water And Electricity Consumption !

Have you ever heard about controlling the gas, water and electricity within the home in real-time wirelessly? If not, No problem because Mr. James Sharlples has designed a new system to do all the above works. The name of the equipment is “Energy Mate” which may control the energy consumption. In this device display unit has been surrounded by the arrays of the sensors to collect the information and the energy is being converted into meaningful figures such as pounds and carbon output. We can have the energy consumption in graphically and as figures with a large touchscreen in the display unit.

The appliance sensor is used to sense the electricity usage of any product which is plugged into it and the data from the sensor will be sent to the display unit wirelessly. The light sensor is used to sense the electricity consumption throughout the home and the ultrasonic sensor is used to sense the gas or water flow inside the pipes. The heat sensor fits to radiators using in-built magnets while the infrared sensor monitors the heat and transmission of the data to display.

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