Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nero Has Launched Its Latest Version 9 - Free Download !

It is exactly one year since Nero has launched its last version Nero 8. So Nero has announced its next version of Nero 9 and it is available for free (Trial Version). Nero 9 offers an enhancement across the table from GUI to high definition support of auto backing up and protection. Moreover we can have a powerful multimedia suite which provides us freedom to create, edit, burn share and upload online. So that we can share our favorite makings like music, video, photo and data with our friends.
General System Requirements :
•CD-ROM drive required for installation.
•Windows® XP (SP 2 or higher), Windows Vista®.
•Windows® Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher.

•Minimum 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® III or equivalent AMD/Intel® processor (for Windows Vista® 2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent AMD/Intel® processor).
•Minimum 512 MB RAM (for Windows Vista® minimum 1 GB RAM).
•200 MB available hard drive space for standard installation.
•1 GB available hard drive space on operating system drive recommended.
•Graphics card with at least 32 MB video memory, a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and 16-bit color setting. However, we recommend 24-bit or 32-bit for true color.
•Broadband Internet connection required for the registration, the update of Nero Move it, and the online communities. It is also required for the activation of the complete functional range (e.g. MPEG-2). Internet connection charges are the user’s responsibility.
Optional Requirements :
•Windows® compatible sound devices and speakers.
•Windows Media® Player 11 installed to support a Windows® Portable Device (WPD).
•iTunes® installed to support Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch.
•ActiveSync® (for Windows® XP) or Windows Mobile® Device Center (for Windows Vista®) installed to support a Windows Mobile® device.
•Connectivity driver from the respective mobile phone manufacturer installed to support mobile phones.

To download the trial version of Nero 9 you should have to enter your eMail.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the trial version.

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