Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OoVoo Comes With Video Call Recording Between Windows And Mac !

On Wednesday OoVoo has announced its higher quality video chat software for Mac users which allows the users to access multiparty video calls between Windows users and Mac users. It has come out with some new features like video call recording, calls to landline and mobile phones. Capturing the video has become very easy for OoVoo users to share via mail and internet. There is no hesitation to record the video because as long as the memory capacity is available you can record the video.

Moreover OoVoo users can make the calls simultaneously up to 12 persons; six on video and six on phone and users can import the contacts from webmails like Yahoo, Gmail, MSN Hotmail, LinkedIn, ICQMail, and AOL Mail etc. Even more users can have a conversation sidebar window to allow the users to see their entire desktop while making OoVoo video calls.

OoVoo offers the users those who are downloading OoVoo 1.5 for Mac OS will be offered fifteen minutes of free calls from OoVoo to any landline between U.S and Canada from anywhere in the world.

Click here to DOWNLOAD OoVoo 1.5 free

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