Saturday, October 25, 2008

Searching From YouTube Player Is Easy Now !

If you are watching a video in YouTube and feel that you have to search some more videos YouTube’s embedded player will display a list of related videos. But now YouTube offers a new facility to search the videos from the player itself. To search the videos just use the search box and type the videos name which you want to see. To see some more videos just click on the right arrow.

But only a drawback which is from YouTube is you can’t see the search results once you select the video and the related videos displayed at the bottom are not updated. In other YouTube news, the homepage is more customizable: In order to overcome this trouble you have to see how many videos are displayed in each module and change the layout to list view or grid. To show the statistical information about our uploaded videos there are two new modules called Insight Map and Insight Chart. [ Thank You ]