Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trutap Is for All Your Mobile Needs !

Trutap is a global service which can be used with our mobile to surf the web, to use with IM, Social networking, Blogs and to send SMSs. This is the one which is more necessary in our life even we are having a lot of IMs in our mobile life. At present the Trutap is in beta version only. Sending SMSs, inviting our friends and sending emails are under testing stage.

Moreover this Trutap supports almost all IMs like AIM,Gtalk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo. Posting comments and photos to our blog’s on services like Typepad, Blogger and photobucket is possible with this Trutap. It supports a wide range of handsets except iPhone most probably because it is based on Java.

[ Thank You ]