Saturday, October 11, 2008

USB Syncer - Connecting USB Drive To Your System Is Enough To CopyFolders From PC To USB Drive !

USB Syncer, this is the name for you to synchronize the contents of a folder in your hard drive with on a removable drive. This is a small synchronization program which is supposed to work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. As this is one-way synchronization you can’t copy the folder other than the removable drive. Whatever the changes done to the USB will be ignored by the software program. USB Syncer’s interface requires minimal user input. To synchronize the folder users may have to choose source folder on the hard drive and the destination folder on the USB device. The contents of the source folder will be copied to USB drive whenever you connect USB device to the computer.

Before transfer starts the contents in the USB device will be deleted. This software program comes with some limitation that can be explained when you install the software or in read me file. If you connect more than one device the synchronization will not work properly.
The users will be prompted for Synchronization when they start to synchronize from windows start menu. As soon as the device is detected program will prompt the users to synchronize the folder with that device.

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