Saturday, October 11, 2008

Use Startup Manager To Edit Boot Menu In Ubuntu !

If you are going to use Ubuntu along with Windows you have to read this carefully. During the installation don’t overwrite the Windows because you can have a dual boot setup within an hour. The GRUB bootloader gives you 10 seconds to select the default operating system. Unless you select the operating system Ubuntu will be selected as your default Operating System. You can easily tweak your GRUB menu by editing the menu. Moreover you can change the boot order, Countdown clock and default operating system. If you make any mistake it will be the difficult job to load either Ubuntu or Windows.

To edit your GRUB Startup Manager gives you an easier way. In order to edit the GRUB you can find the SUM in synaptic package manager or by typing typing "sudo apt-get install startupmanager" into a terminal window. If it is difficult for you just click this link.
After the installation you can easily access the Startup Manager from the “Administration Menu” in “System”. This utility lets the users to change the default operating system, to adjust the screen resolution of the GRUB menu and even the background text colors. Even more many options can be changed by this utility.

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