Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Victoria School To Change Its Logo For Apple ?

Apple’s team is to target the Vancouver Island College, VSBT ( Victoria School Of Business and Technology).The main reason for targeting the VSBT is its logo which has a slight resemblance to the Cupertino-based electronics manufacturer's famous logo. News from CBC states that the college is using a stylish apple logo with blue and green colors with the letters VSBT in upper side of its left corner. The main resemblance of both logos is the leaf that is most likely same. Despite almost 3000 out of 4000 users polled said that there is a sufficient difference between two logos.

The VSBT school president Dieter Gerhard says that their logo is easy to distinguish from Apple’s logo by its letters VSBT. They are one of the biggest customers of Apple, he added. And they are not infringing Apple’s right he says on answering issue of Apple’s lawyer Stephanie Vaccari.

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