Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yahoo Again Proofs Its Efficiency - Inquisitor Gives Enhanced BrowserSearch !

Yahoo once again proved that it is the toughest rival of Google with its latest release of a Plug-in to boost up the search box internet explorer, FireFox and Safari. The name of the plug-in is Inquisitor. In this plug in, users can have the suggestions of keywords as they start to type their query. Moreover it provides the list of best match of their search and also gives the website names which have been visited by the users. At the same time users can retrieve the pages which are bookmarked a few months ago in Internet Explorer.

Yahoo’s official blog on Wednesday says that motive of Inquistor is to provide the fast and instant access to the searched results.
At the beginning Inquisitor was released for Apple Safari Browser in May but now Yahoo brings this for even popular browsers like Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Inquisitor

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