Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yahoo Web Analytics Will Overcome Google ?

In order to compete with Google Analytics Yahoo has announced its Yahoo Analytics to beat the Google from No.1.
Yahoo Web Analytics has been introduced to compete with Google Analytics. Yahoo Analytics is an enterprise site analytics tool to provide the real-time insight visitor’s behavior in our websites. To enhance the visitor experience, increase sales and reduce marketing costs Yahoo has been developed with Powerful and flexible tools and dashboards.

Yahoo Web Analytics serve the users to provide the high traffic by adding simple tracking code to our web pages. It has a standard reports and capabilities for custom designed reports. We can know the details from each report. Moreover Yahoo Analytics answers us for our specific business questions as it has come with drag and drop data filters, custom report wizards and our segmentation selector.

In this analytics we can easily remove and apply the filters to view the performance or characteristics of specific types of products.
We can have the detailed report within minutes as soon as an action occurs in our website. Even more we can identify the dips in key site metrics or monitor the performance of new content. With this Analytics optimizing the website has become much easier and viewing or comparing the old data also become very easy as Analytics maintains the historical data.

Following are the overall features of Yahoo Web Analytics.
•Executive Dashboard
•Real-Time Segmentation
•Advanced Campaign Management
•Live Cost Analysis
•Scenario Analysis
•Merchandise Reporting
•Comparative Reporting

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