Friday, October 10, 2008

YuuGuu - Makes Screen Sharing Simple In GTalk And GMail !

Desktop Screen sharing has become very popular today. We can dot this with many applications. In such a way Yuuguu is a free application to share the desktop screen which is supposed to work with all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Users USP is a browser based flash client which enables the participants to join screen sharing sessions or they can request remote access without downloading any peculiar software. This Yuuguu is now working with Google Talk or Gmail contacts. If you want to download the Yuuguu just download it and make your Google account associated with Yuuguu services which works even with Google Apps also.

After installing the Yuuguu it will automatically show the Gtalk friends who are currently online. Evenmore you can share your screen with any of the users by selecting “Show” in chat window.
Your Gmail and Google Talk contacts will have a screen share link just like a chat message. If they click your link they will be able to see your screen in a flash enabled web browser instantly. In screen sharing mode the other side persons can control your machine through browser itself.

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