Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ammonoq Submersible Boat Lets You Breath Inside The Water !

Ammonoq is the new name which you will keep saying because it is a new type submarine called futuristic-lightweight-boat-fly-fast-in-water/">submersible boat. This is a completely new type concept with a revolution and it has been equipped with all the necessary things to survive inside the water. The solar-cum-human-powered-concept-boat/">fin wheels of this boat provide a steady movement in the water where as an on-board re-breather of this boat gives the facility to breath completely and safely for the passengers. a-new-model-three-wheel-bike-dont-ride-fast-but-fly-slow/">Know More

In this boat three passengers can travel and they can control any internal or external devices with a remote control. A GPS sensor has been connected in this boat to track the exact location of the boat and to redirect the path wherever the boat goes. The name of the boat designer is foldable-bike-dont-ride-take-away/">Junji Kawabe.

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