Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asus Announces P565 PDA Mobile With Fastest Processor In The World !

Asus has announced its new mobile phone to the market although it is not a famous for mobile phones. The name of the mobile is asus-p320-pda-phone/">P565 PDA and it has been aimed for business class people with an 800MHz processor. This processor is the fastest in this world so far which enables to deliver good performance.
This phone is a touch screen model powered by t-mobile-gets-moto-zine-zn5-camera-phone/">Windows Mobile 6.1 and has a glide interface of Asus. The size of the touch screen is 2.8 inch and the resolution of the phone is 480 x 640. futuristic-mobile-concept-hanger-skype-phone/">Know more Mobiles

The glide system enables user to switch between applications easily. The PDA mobile phone features a 3MP camera, WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth, 3G and GPS. In additional it supports microSD card and comes with a lot of business oriented features like push mail, Business card recognition and new-gps-navigation-device-from-asus-asus-r710/">Microsoft Office.

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