Monday, November 10, 2008

"Message Box Toy" Lets You Create Fake Windows Error Message !

As everyone knows there are some error messages in Windows but nobody knows that you can create some fake error messages in Windows. There is a tool available for creating fake error messages called “how-to-create-custom-views-for-vista-error-logs/">The Message Box Toy”. You can add some text in the given space to make them display on the error message as given in the image. You can download it and use it easily. how-to-make-system-faster-no-need-to-add-ram/">Click For Windows Tips.

The size of the tool is just 15KB and doesn’t need any installation. Moreover we can enter the text for error-haldll-an-important-message-to-be-noticed/">OK and CANCEL buttons. Once you finish the text to enter you can save them in a text format and you can use them whenever needed. If you want to make fun with your friends you can take a Screen Shot and use it.


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