Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CityAnt Electric Car Comes In Rental Basis !

As the days, go by the number of vehicles in the road increasing consecutively. Here we have given a description about a new model car called futuristic-dragon-car-concept-combination-of-marine-jet-robot-and-automotive/">CityAnt. It has an ability to run on electricity. This concept looks like a city bicycles and this facility will be available on rental basis in the stations. As these cars runs in grasshopper-becomes-car/">electricity, they will be charged at the stations, these cars carry two people, and some luggage with an integrated bicycle racks for two bicycles. formula-zero-from-mercedes-benz-challenges-motor-race-2025/">Know more cars

Mainly these types car is used for quick and flexible purpose and to svepa-bike-made-up-of-plywood-and-aluminum/">book this car rental booking facility is available. In order to know the status of the availability of the cars there is a touchscreen facility available at the foldable-bike-dont-ride-take-away/">station itself.


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